Inshore Fishing

Inshore Fishing

As the weather cools off the inshore fishing around Wrightsville Beach is getting hot! We're starting to have some reports of good trout fishing in the inlets and surrounding creeks. We tend to target trout in areas where faster current moves around creek bends or over any kind of contour change in the bottom.

This can be represented in the inlets where a falling tide is pulling bait over rocky bottom or a mud bank, providing a perfect ambush point for the trout and therefore lending itself to be a great spot to fish.

As far as fishing in the creeks is concerned, you want to look for those same transition points where bait funnels together and the trout can stage waiting to eat unsuspecting baitfish. Right now at the shop we're fully stocked with everything you need to catch trout.

For this time of year you can't go wrong with one of the shop favorites, a DOA shrimp. This simple yet effective bait is one that proves itself time and time again. Coming completely ready to fish you just have to tie it on and go.

Stop by the shop and we'll show you exactly what size and color DOA shrimp you need to catch the trout of a lifetime. Another favorite with the guys at the shop is an MR 17 Mirrolure, this suspended bait fishes effectively in a number of different conditions and is a true killer in the hard bait trout lure world.

We house the area's largest selection in style and colors of Mirrolure and are always happy to show you what's working best. Although trout fishing is what has everybody's attention at the moment, don't forget about the red drum fishing! As the water temperatures are cooling off you'll find the drum beginning to congregate more in a winter time pattern. Start checking your local docks up and down the waterway, you never know which one may be holding a big school of drum.

Last but not least, you've got to stay warm out there on those chilly mornings in the fall and winter, come by and get geared up with some Intracoastal Angler apparel to stay warm. We're fully stocked with new IA hoodies and flannel shirts to keep the chill off and look good while doing it! We also have a massive selection of Grundens foul weather gear and XtraTuf boots.

Stay tuned for more reports as we move into the winter time fishery here in Wrightsville Beach, we'll see you on the water!